((sorry again for th poofing! mun’s been real busy with new things, such as their first time ever in college and getting their drivers license and all that kinda fun life stuff woooooooooo

but have a(nother) doodly Dorky in the meantime! :D I hope everyone’s been having a good month so far!! ))

((he’s still shy about bein seen without his mask, the baby))

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This thing is comfy!!

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Thanks for everyone who came to the stream!! :D

((mun is not feeling so well right now

i’m sorry for silence again

please have a good day,everyone))

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And thanks to everyone who made it to the stream! :D I’m still having troubles with it but if I can sort them out i’m gunna try and stream more often!

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Didya hafta choose somethin so…revealing?? >/////////////<